In Memory of Enrique Coyotzi

The Club Fonograma family is heartbroken to learn that our former writer and friend, Enrique Coyotzi, has passed away. Coyotzi began contributing in March of 2011 and worked tirelessly to expand the blog’s scope of coverage through an earnest and deeply felt love of music. Following his work with Club Fonograma, he took on editor positions at Red Bull and later Spotify Mexico, where he continued to champion Iberoamerican pop.

Many in the CF team got a chance to meet Coyotzi. His earnestness and warmth as a writer translated in person, creating connections and friendships that today are reeling from his loss. The outpouring of love on our feeds makes it clear that anyone who met Coyotzi remembers him dearly.

We love you, Quique.


In Memory of Carlos Reyes (1987-2021)

Carlos's spirit of discovery and kindness was the soul of Club Fonograma, which in turn changed the lives of so many people around the world. We celebrate his life knowing his legacy lives on through the many artists and writers who passed through the site and the world was enriched for having him grace it with his love. QEPD Carlitos.