Best of the 2010s

The Club Fonograma staff have reunited to recap the Best Iberoamerican (Latin America + Iberian) music of the decade. This project consists of essays from ex-Club Fonograma writers and friends, along with a full list of our top 100 songs and top 50 albums of the decade.

Best Albums of the 2010s
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Best Songs of the 2010s
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How Women Reclaimed a
Space for Themselves in this
Decade of Música Urbana

by Lucas Villa
A post-Ivy Queen generation fights for
representation in a male-dominated genre.
The Night Dënver
Gave Me a Future

by Richard Villegas
How Música, Gramática, Gimnasia
changed my life.

by Sam Rodgers
The Latinx LGBTQIA+ artists who
globalized queer culture.
How Spain Turned to Música
Urbana in the 2010s

by Pierre Lestruhaut
Trap music found a new outpost
in the Old World.

Club Fonograma Archive

Club Fonograma was a United States-based music publication established in 2008 by Carlos Reyes, and featuring collaborators from 10 different countries. The site was devoted to music criticism and commentary focused on global pop and independent music from artists of Spanish and Latin American origin or background.

The present site is an effort to preserve Club Fonograma's full archive, as it still remains a rich and exhaustive testimony of Latin music and culture from 2008 to 2016. Below you'll find links to pages compiling some of Club Fonograma's most meaningful work over the years, which includes end-of-year lists, album reviews, compilations, artist interviews, and coverage of music festivals.

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