In mourning, in rage: The Pulse Orlando Nightclub Massacre.

The following is an attempt on behalf of the Club Fonograma family to send our deepest condolences to the communities impacted by the "worst mass shooting in US history." We also wish to be historically accurate: the Pulse Orlando Nightclub Massacre isn't the worst mass murder that American $ociety has produced. The largest massacre in U$ history happened at Wounded Knee in South Dakota in 1890. 500 indigenous people were exterminated by colonial white supremacy on December 29th at the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation. Club Fonograma strives for intersectionality. Our writers span continents, our roots run from Africa to Mexico. As music anthropologists, our unique approach and perspective and praxis may differ, but we stand united on the cultural battle against hate and brutality. We stand united with our Muslim and Arabic friends. We stand united with our gay, queer, trans, lesbian communities and everybody outside colonial gender binaries. We stand united with our Black & Brown communities worldwide and therefore reject any attempt on behalf of white supremacist state power configurations that will turn this tragedy into yet another tactic of fear led social control. In other words, we reject authoritarianism in all its forms. We reject our communities being murdered and disappeared by agents of hate and control, whether they be lone wolves or governmental bodies and their acolytes. We propose healing, autonomous & community based solutions to the problems that impact the lives of each and everyone of us in unique and nuanced ways. We remember the words of Alex Anwandter on "Manifesto":

"Yo quiero ser un manifesto hecho cuerpo, si, un cuerpo, que va a disparar. Y entiendo toda tu violencia, que, niño mío, no es ciencia, que lo justo no es normal. Defiéndete no más." 
In English: "I want to be a manifesto made flesh, yes, a body, that is going to shoot. And I understand all of your violence, that, dear boy, isn't science. Justice is not normal. Simply, defend yourself."

We will never forget our queer & trans communities and everyone outside repressive colonial gender binaries who struggle everyday to simply exist and resist inside a $ystem that wishes the annihilation of dangerous and unforeseen ways of living and loving. We will continue dancing our reggaetón, our cumbia, and our salsa.

UPDATE: We have just been informed that a similar attack took place in Veracruz, Mexico back in May. 7 people were murdered at the gay nightclub La Madame in the town of Xalapa.