THE 2010s

The Club Fonograma staff have reunited to recap the Best Iberoamerican (Latin America + Iberian) music of the decade. This project consists of essays from ex-Club Fonograma writers and friends, along with a full list of our top 100 songs and top 50 albums of the decade.

Best Albums of the 2010s
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Best Songs of the 2010s
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Club Fonograma,
the Ungovernable Generation,
and the Pop Insurrection:
A Decade in Revolt

by Ze Puga
Understanding the socio-political (and highly
danceable) last decade of protest pop.
The Brief Cuban-American

by Stefanie Fernández
Cubatón in the age of U.S.-Cuba
El Embrujo Inconfundible
de Mi Sol

by Verónica Bayetti Flores
On Rita Indiana's diasporic
return anthem "La hora de volvé."
Déjenme Llorar: Thank-You
Letters to the Songs that
Held Me 2009-2019

by Phoebe Smolin
Club Fonograma and the songs that are
my favorite places and my sweetest friends.
How Women Reclaimed a
Space for Themselves in this
Decade of Música Urbana

by Lucas Villa
A post-Ivy Queen generation fights for
representation in a male-dominated genre.
The Night Dënver
Gave Me a Future

by Richard Villegas
How Música, Gramática, Gimnasia
changed my life.
by Sam Rodgers
The Latinx LGBTQIA+ artists who
globalized queer culture.
How Spain Turned to Música
Urbana in the 2010s

by Pierre Lestruhaut
Trap music found a new outpost
in the Old World.

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