2009! Pitbull and Joe Crepusculo are Krazy

Club Fonograma wishes you all a great new year, we’re hoping for a great 2009 ourselves, please be here with us. Two special songs for tonight: “Krazy” by Pitbull feat. Lil’ Jon, this song is for the clubs and for the iPods, although I must admit I was disappointed to find out that it doesn’t say “cancion pop let’s get crazy”, it only says “let’s jump up let’s get crazy”, such little changes would have made it even more exhilarating. The second one belongs to Joe Crepusculo, I told you he does music for the occasion and “Fiesta Mayor” is a proof of that. 

♫♫♫ "Krazy"

♫♫♫ "Fiesta Mayor"

Toy Selectah, IMS/MIS & La Onda Tropical

In a few weeks Jean-Stephane will be compiling the top 10 lists of our fellow bloggers once again, for the meanwhile this is a post dedicated to our friends and their lists. First, we got the short lists by Toy Selectah and Camilo Lara (Mexican Instfaitute of Sound), both sent their lists after our post with the rest of the artists’ lists. Some very sad news, our friends from La Onda Tropical are taking a long break (hopefully it’s just a break), Chapin had contacted me interested in joining us and while his blog enjoys some rest we are happy to welcome him into the club. Expect the first 2009 albums reviews very soon.

Toy Selectah:

  • Los de atras vienen conmigo – Calle 13
  • En tu area – Sekreto
  • Masacre Musical – De La Ghetto
  • Meeting of the minds – Eric Bobo
  • La luz del ritmo – Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
  • Alegranza! – El Guincho
  • Barracuda – Kinky

Mexican Institute of Sound:

  • Tijuana Sound Machine – Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible
  • EP – No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos
  • Alegranza! – El Guincho
  • Un Dia – Juana Molina

La Onda Tropical:

  • Los de atras vienen conmigo – Calle 13
  • Somos Pacifico – Choc Quib Town
  • Rio – Aterciopelados
  • MTV Unplugged – Julieta Venegas
  • Greatest Hits – Acida
  • Mar Dulce – Bajofondo
  • Tijuana Sound Machine – Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible
  • All u need is mosh – Plastilina Mosh
  • Cosita Buena – Orishas
  • I like it like that – Fania Remixes 

Best Songs of 2008: Part IV (25-01)

Best Songs of 2008
by Carlos Reyes, Paulo Correa & Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3 links provided by the artists for free download
Singles compilation from 3 individual lists


25. "Hansel y Gretel's Bollywood Story", Porter (Atemahawke)
24. "Terrorize You/Disco Flor", Turbopotamos (Disco Suite) DOWNLOAD!
23. "Pijamas", Babasonicos (Mucho)
22. "Algo Musical", Nejo y Dalmata feat. Arcangel (Broke & Famous)
21. "Sin las patas traseras", Bam Bam (Bam Bam) DOWNLOAD! 

20. "Bonita", Cabas (Amores Dificiles)
19. "Plastic Caramelo", Plastic Caramelo (Single)
18. "Mas que a nada en el mundo", Austin TV (Mas que a nada en el mundo OST)
17. "Borron y cuenta nueva", Adriana Lucia (Porro Nuevo)
16. "Laydown", Chikita Violenta (The Stars and Suns Sessions)

15. "Shiva", Austin TV (Fontana Bella
14. "Conteo Regresivo", Gilberto Santa Rosa (Contraste)
13. "Para que celebren todos", El Guincho (Alegranza!) DOWNLOAD!
12. "Bestia", Hello Seahorse! (Bestia) DOWNLOAD! 
11. "Ta Perdoado", Maria Rita (Samba Meu)

10. "El Idolo", Adanowsky (Etoile Eternelle
09. "Reptilectric", Zoe (Reptilectric) 
08. "Cigarettes", Russian Red (I love your glasses) DOWNLOAD! (LIVE @ BUHOL)
07. "Nada", Juan Son (Mermaid Sashimi)
06. "Normal", Ximena Sarinana (Mediocre)

05. "Que Lloren", Calle 13 (Los de atras vienen conmigo)
04. "AV Corrientes", Prietto Viaja al Comos con Mariano (Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano)
03. "Microdancing", Babasonicos (Mucho)
02. "El Presente", Julieta Venegas (MTV Unplugged)
01. "Palmitos Park", El Guincho (Alegranza!) DOWNLOAD! 

Best Songs of 2008: Part III (50-26)

Best Songs of 2008
by Carlos Reyes, Paulo Correa & Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3 links provided by the artists for free download
Singles compilation from 3 individual lists

050. "Un violinista en el tejado", Melendi (Curiosa la cara de tu padre)
049. "Tengo tantas ganas de ti", Arcangel (La Maravilla)
048. "Tijuana Sound Machine", Nortec Presents Bostich + Fussible (Tijuana Sound Machine)
047. "Rio", Aterciopelados (Rio)
046. "El Motivo", 60 Tigres (Los Emigrantes) DOWNLOAD! 

045. "Vivir es facil", Los Fancy Free (Never Greens Vol.2)
044. "Algun Dia", Julieta Venegas feat. Gustavo Santaolalla (MTV Unplugged)
043. "Marina Gasolina", Bonde Do Role (With Lasers
042. "Un Dia", Juana Molina (Un Dia) DOWNLOAD! 
041. "Loco", Los Cafres (Barrilete

040. "Ni Fu Ni Fa", Tego Calderon (El Abayarde contra ataca
039. "Carmenstia", Devendra Banhart (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon)
038. "A Paso Lento", Monica Giraldo (Todo da vueltas
037. "Hello Tarantino!", Descartes A Kant (Paper Dolls
036. "La Nueva Yma Sumac", La Casa Azul (La Revolucion Sexual)

035. "Pose", Daddy Yankee (Talento de Barrio)
034. "Quienes son los curanderos?", Triangulo de Amor Bizarro (Triangulo de Amro Bizarro)
033. "Munequita Sintetica",  Jessy Bulbo (Taras Bulba)
032. "El Mareo", Bajofondo feat. Gustavo Cerati (Mar Dulce)
031. "La Cancion del Verano", Joe Crepusculo (Supercrepus)

030. "The Flow", Quiero Club (Nueva America)
029. "Nao E Prohibido", Marisa Monte (Infinito ao meu redor)
028. "Pervert Pop Song", Plastilina Mosh feat. Paty L & Ximena Sarinana (All u need is mosh)
027. "El Reloj", Jovenes y Sexys (Bruno EP) DOWNLOAD!
026. "Vuelta Canela Sinfonica", Puerto Candelaria (Llego la Banda