Best Songs of 2008: Part I (100-76)

Best Songs of 2008
by Carlos Reyes, Paulo Correa & Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3 links provided by the artists for free download
Singles compilation from 3 individual lists

100. "Europa", Monica Naranjo (Tarantula
099. "Miente", Los Marty (Historia de un Cowboy)
098. "El Bombo", Choc Quib Town (El Bombo EP)
097. "Kalise", El Guincho (Alegranza!)
096. "1,2,3 Go!", Belanova (Fantasia Pop)

095. "Ainda Gosto Dela", Skank feat. Negra Li (Estandarte
094. "Rancho", Pato Machete (Contrabanda
093. "Tambor", Entre Rios (Entre Rios) DOWNLOAD!
092. "El Colombiano Errante", Jorge Villamizar (Jorge Villamizar)
091. "Nunca Ire", No Lo Soporto feat. Gustavo Cerati (Avion)

090. "Krazy", Pitbull feat. Lil' Jon (The Boatlift)
089. "Pa' Lante", Willy Chirino (Pa' Lante
088. "Clap Your Brains Off", No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos (EP) DOWNLOAD! 
087. "Stab You", Album (Cancer Baby) DOWNLOAD! 
086. "Sigueme", Manuel Carrasco (Quiereme)

085. "Los Angeles", Sr. Chinarro (Ronroneando)
084. "Yourself Only", Simplifiers (Why people make countries)
083. "La Costumbre", Arbolito (Cuando salga el sol)
082. "El Arbol", Natalia Clavier (Nectar
081. "Deudas", Los Bunkers (Barrio Estacion

080. "Cruzando el paraiso", Loquillo feat. Andres Calamaro (Balmoral)
079. "La Distancia Adecuada", Christina Rosenvinge (Tu Labio Superior)
078. "Lejos", Becker (Andes
077. "Pegadito", Tommy Torres (Tarde o Temprano)
076. "Conservad El Rayo", Coconot (Cosa Astral) DOWNLOAD! 


  1. I like the format, and the list looks good (even if i don't know most of the songs), but what the heck? how the fuck can you have Coconot and Manuel Carrasco (makes me wanna puke) in the same list? Is like having caviar and a fast-food restaurant burger in the same plate... not good! but some people would like it I assume.

    The Monica Naranjo mentio is not that bad, but weird still, it's great to see El Guincho-No Lo Soporto-Sr Chinarro-Los Bunkers-Coconot-Rosenvinge and even Pitbull in the list!

    Great to find this blog over at The Hype Machine.

    Bendiciones desde Malaga!


  2. Hey Cantu, glad to know you like the blog.

    I didn't pick the Manuel Carrasco song, so I can't defend it.

    But I am responsible for "Europa" by Monica Naranjo and "Krazy" by Pitbull, both songs were big guilty pleasures this year, maybe unexpected but they had to be here :)

  3. Creo que intentan hacer una lista muy eclectica y por ello es tan rara, aunque hay cosas rescatables.

    Las mejores: Choc Quib Town, El Guincho, Pato Machete, No Somos Machos..., Album, Entre Rios, Sr Chinarro, Natalia Clavier!!!!! , Christina Rosenvinge y Coconot.

    Lo peor: Tommy Torres, Monica Naranjo, Belanova, Jorge Villamizar, Arbolito, Manuel Carrasco, Willy Chirino, Pitbull.

    Pero me espero a ver si tienen cosas mas interesantes en los siguientes posts.

  4. Sigo diciendo que es rarisima, no es a lo que nos tienen acostumbrados chicos!

    Las rolas de Manuel Carrasco y Arbolito son pateticas, pertenecen a un Worst of the Year list, la de Carrasco esta pero que la nueva de Juanes, y el video... puta... no pare de reir viendolo.

  5. mi estimado, me encanta tu blog por que encuentro cada cosa, ya estoy traumada con el grupo le baron, y ahorita me gustaron dos canciones ; tambor - entre rios y Sr. chinarro - los angeles , ya se que diste el link de "tambor" , pro por una estraƱa razon no puedo bajarla, de nuevo, me podrias pasar estas dos canciones... per favore, y grazie , abrazos..

  6. No es una lista mala en lo absoluto, it's a very cool one actually. I would have put NO LO SOPORTO song in the top 10...

    the only ones I didn't like are: the belanova song because it annoys me, and the Carrasco dude 'cause it's waaaaay too lousy for my taste

    I didn't know Pato Machete had a new record!!!! Control Machete was huge for me, and I like Willy Chirino a lot,

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    I cannot speak for Jean or Paulo, but from my stance, I didn't try to make a "different" list... or have big surprises...

    I think that you are a bit surprised with their choices more because many of their selected songs were not featured here at any moment, or on our Rocola, so u pretty much know what songs I chose because well, I've talked about most of the albums where they are included.

    Abrazos para todos! y nos encanta que comenten!

  8. Coconot!

    I should expect PALMITOS PARK to be higher right?

    My favorite songs from this section are:
    conservad el rayo. coconot
    rancho. pato machete
    tambor. entre rios
    clap your brains off (this one is sooo hot!), nsm psm
    yourself only, simplifiers
    el arbol. natalia clavier
    lejos. becker
    deudas. los bunkers
    el bombo. choc quib town

    and yes, I did listen to all of them.


  9. El Bombo is soooo cool... love Choc Quib Town!

    Manuel Carrasco? WTF. I have no clue who he is, but that video was WACKED. Like outloud funny, terrible terrible choice honestly.

    Bacilos was cool, I need to check the solo project by VIllamizar.

    YOU MUST listen to that SIMPLIFIERS song, is catchy.

    "El Arbol" by Natalia Clavier
    "Conservad el Rayo", Coconot
    "El Bombo", Choc Quib Town

  10. Great to see Monica Naranjo on the list, even if she's only at the very bottom.