Artist of the Week: Le Baron

Le Baron is supposed to be the next Zoe according to many, I’m not fully sold on that but the attention they are getting is seriously justified. They released their freshman self-titled EP last year, which has slowly transferred its magic into 2008 where the band is now getting love from MTV and a chunk of mainstream radio. “Inmovil” was the indie hit of the 2007 in Reactor 105.7, as we’ve pointed out before, they are the most significant indie radio station in Mexico, perhaps in Latin America. They are signed under MUN which is becoming a symbol for quality (Hello Seahorse!, Subdivision). There is a second single now rotating, “Exilio” which I found even better than the first hit. Now, the really exciting piece in their EP has got to be “El vertigo del desprendimiento”, a sublime track about the compression of time in space, about its detachment from surface and its explosion of colors while hitting ground. It’s been the song in my ears for about two weeks now and doesn’t let go, expect a high ranking on our Best of the Year post coming up this month. Oh and yeah, there’s an amazing political/humane song titled “Soldado John” really captures the outside view the world has upon America, and it does it without been over sentimental or judgmental.

♫♫♫ "El Vertigo del Desprendimiento"