Artist of the week: Nuuro

Artist: Nuuro
Country: Venezuela
Genre: Electronic/Pop

Venezuela offers us a remarkable new electro solo act; his name is Nuuro and arrives with a sound quite similar to teen sensation Hellogoodbye. At only 18, it seems that this guy is ahead of its game, but of course there is plenty of room for improvement. It will be interesting to see what direction does this project takes; we have been hungry long enough waiting for a talented newcomer from Venezuela. His MySpace also features English songs from his upcoming full-length album, which shows him as a very ambitious young man, one that seems to divide himself between Caracas and New York. A great addition to the revolutionizing movement of electronic music en espaƱol, one that started with awesome duo Nacotheque and will not fade a way anytime soon. Listen to Diamante and 256 MB of love on his MySpace player. Stop the Disney-JBrothers-Montana invasion now.