Tony Gallardo II - "Mentiras"

Fresh from announcing the Apatía Nacional series, wherein we met the tropical crooner Johnny Dominicana, Tony Gallardo delivers "Mentiras," first single on the upcoming double release Juventud Guerrera / Hot Tropic. Whereas the last track "Trópico de Acuario" harkened back to the era of vinyl portrait covers and traditional romance, "Mentiras" forces us to enter Gallardo's restless and bitter psyche, accompanied by new wave beats (everything from El Último Vecino to Yellow Magic Orchestra) that jolt the listener and supply fresh wounds. Though the obvious verdict would designate this song for the club, it is still a Tony Gallardo production, which means blowing out your laptop speakers and crying in front of Photo Booth with a strobe light will get you there too.

Natalia Lafourcade - “Hasta la Raíz”

Any Natalia Lafourcade comeback single is surely welcomed around these parts, but a New Years Day premiere? Sit down Kanye and Macca, cause los Reyes Magos knew what I REALLY wanted this year. “Hasta la Raíz” is the first new original piece of music we’ve heard from Lafourcade since 2009’s divine Hu Hu Hu. Between that masterpiece and her Grammy-winning Agustin Lara-tribute, the criminally underrated Mujer Divina, the stakes are certainly high for Lafourcade’s next effort. And while “Hasta la Raíz” doesn’t sound like a bold step outward for Natalia (sounds more like something from Camila Moreno), there’s certainly no need to lower your expectations. At the least, “Hasta la Raíz” SOUNDS rich. If that Grammy’s gonna pay for anything, it’s gonna pay for a bigger budget, right?