Bestia, Hello Seahorse!

As you may have notice, our Rocola plays a big part of the blog, at times fully foreshadowing the content of the blog, I’m already compiling the next one, but I have not shared one my favorite songs: “Bestia” by Hello Seahorse! As I noted on a previous post, the band is probably holding back a new album because of their unexpected U.S. release of Hoy a las Ocho. So I’m not sure if this is a first single or not, I know it’s their best Spanish-language song yet. It is however a tricky song, I might be all wrong about my interpretation of the song but music is emotionally perspective, so I must be right. So here it goes: “Bestia” (Beast) is about an individual with immense desire to be closer to God, but he/she is ashamed of his/her past, one where the person has taken the ‘easy route’ perhaps walking along with the beast (the devil). “I’ve never had the fury of a lion, always taking the easy route, like he showed me”, now this person feels like a beast himself, transparent as a ghost, to the point of not even having voice to confront the light. But why should I know, I didn’t wrote it, for the sake of it could just be talking about real animals, but we are animals too, never mind. Enjoy it, it’s truly remarkable. The song is available for free download at Reactor 105.7’s website, at their Zona de Descargas, a space where I’ve found a bunch of cool bands.