Top 10 of 2008 - by Jean-Stephane Beriot

As promised, we are presenting to you our lists for the best albums of 2008. This time covering our circuit (Iberoamerica), but we are doing it individually, and guess what? I’m first. Again, this is my personal list, the official Club Fonograma’s Best list will be posted by Carlos simply because let’s face it, Club Fonograma is Carlos Reyes. But he is nice enough to invite us to share with you our favorites, I won’t comment on each album, but let them become part of you for at least a week and you’ll see the effect. Also, Carlos tells me there will be a post where some of our favorite artists of 2008 tell us their favorites of 2008, it should be fun.

Paulo Correa’s list: Tomorrow

Club Fonograma’s Official List (by Carlos Reyes) is due on Wednesday

Artists’ lists will hopefully be ready by Friday

01 MTV Unplugged, Julieta Venegas
02 Tijuana Sound Machine, Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible
03 Tu Labio Superior, Christina Rosenvinge
04 Alegranza!, El Guincho
05 Hoy a las Ocho EP, Hello Seahorse!
06 Never Greens Vol.2, Los Fancy Free
07 Mediocre, Ximena Sarinana
08 Bruno EP, Jovenes y Sexys
09 Barrio Estacion, Los Bunkers
10 Entre Rios, Entre Rios