Artist of the Week: Descartes A Kant

Because unlike most people, this year I don’t feel like listening to “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano everywhere I go, I’m sharing this unreleased track by Descartes A Kant which they had available for free download before MySpace changed the now pathetically heavy new player. It’s been a while since the release of Paper Dolls, hopefully they’ll get back to the studio soon. They might not get to the top of iTunes Latino like Mr. Feliciano (who I seriously admire btw), but when chatting about this band with other musicians everyone seems to admire them with much devotion. Enjoy what is my favorite take on “Carol of the Bells”, which is featured on our Rocola #7. And while I’m here, I might as well choose them for Artist of the Week, I include their awesome video for “My Sweetest Headache Waltz.” As you might predict, this week will be a bit slow here because it’s finals week for most college students, good luck guys! We are working on our list for Best Songs of 2008, wait for it.