Best Songs of 2008: Part IV (25-01)

Best Songs of 2008
by Carlos Reyes, Paulo Correa & Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3 links provided by the artists for free download
Singles compilation from 3 individual lists


25. "Hansel y Gretel's Bollywood Story", Porter (Atemahawke)
24. "Terrorize You/Disco Flor", Turbopotamos (Disco Suite) DOWNLOAD!
23. "Pijamas", Babasonicos (Mucho)
22. "Algo Musical", Nejo y Dalmata feat. Arcangel (Broke & Famous)
21. "Sin las patas traseras", Bam Bam (Bam Bam) DOWNLOAD! 

20. "Bonita", Cabas (Amores Dificiles)
19. "Plastic Caramelo", Plastic Caramelo (Single)
18. "Mas que a nada en el mundo", Austin TV (Mas que a nada en el mundo OST)
17. "Borron y cuenta nueva", Adriana Lucia (Porro Nuevo)
16. "Laydown", Chikita Violenta (The Stars and Suns Sessions)

15. "Shiva", Austin TV (Fontana Bella
14. "Conteo Regresivo", Gilberto Santa Rosa (Contraste)
13. "Para que celebren todos", El Guincho (Alegranza!) DOWNLOAD!
12. "Bestia", Hello Seahorse! (Bestia) DOWNLOAD! 
11. "Ta Perdoado", Maria Rita (Samba Meu)

10. "El Idolo", Adanowsky (Etoile Eternelle
09. "Reptilectric", Zoe (Reptilectric) 
08. "Cigarettes", Russian Red (I love your glasses) DOWNLOAD! (LIVE @ BUHOL)
07. "Nada", Juan Son (Mermaid Sashimi)
06. "Normal", Ximena Sarinana (Mediocre)

05. "Que Lloren", Calle 13 (Los de atras vienen conmigo)
04. "AV Corrientes", Prietto Viaja al Comos con Mariano (Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano)
03. "Microdancing", Babasonicos (Mucho)
02. "El Presente", Julieta Venegas (MTV Unplugged)
01. "Palmitos Park", El Guincho (Alegranza!) DOWNLOAD! 


  1. Este blog es una chingonada...
    asi de sencillo
    saludos desde Monterrey!

  2. Que buen Blog, los acabo de descubrir paseando por la red!!!!! Felicidades!!!!!

  3. Uuuuy, I have so much to listen.... wasn't expecting these songs, simply 'cause I don't know them LOL.

  4. is the song by Plastic Caramelo just a single???? What's the name of the album?

  5. El Guincho otra vez! Hijole!

    Jaja, seriously though, thank you for recognizing the genius that is "Normal". What a simply gorgeous piece of music.

  6. Juraba que seria "El Presente" o "Que Lloren" el numero uno.

    But it's great to see El Guincho, it was THE music of 2008 for us.

    I'm also grateful to see Juan Son, Ximena Sarinana and the double mentions for Austin TV.

    Oh, and of course ALGO MUSICAL, which I agree with you Carlos, it's the KEY song for reggaeton, at least this 2008.

  7. bonita by cabas is so sweet! love it.

  8. nice to see el guincho on top, pitchfork made a huge mistake not including palmitos park on their list.