"Chica Virtual", Arcangel

I don’t usually please requests, simply because that’s like not the point of this blog at all, but considering that it’s coming from several readers, well, why not? Before I make the post even more confusing, I’m talking about a requested song, “Chica Virtual” by Arcangel (one of the most popular tracks on our Rocola). It gets frustrating to talk about this artist because nothing seems to solidify in his favor, and I’m scared he’ll go the wrong way and become just another reggaeton artist, which he isn’t. Arcangel is collaborating with everybody, even making the official remix for Flex’s “Te Quiero” and that’s both depressing and scary, he has not released an official physical album yet and is one of the most demanded artists in the genre. Arcangel needs some guidance, stay away from the Daddy Yankees and the Don Omares, keep Nejo y Dalmata very close and put some more fire into Full Records. Don’t disappoint me; you got the material to become huge with your rough egocentric proposal. I posted a video for “Chica Virtual” on Halloween, which has Michael Jackson’s video footage, and our readers really loved it to the point people are asking if it’s a new single. Truth is, this song is from his 2007 The New King Mix Tape, which was my first encounter with reggaeton’s new guru. At some point I intended to post the following video on our ‘Video Bizarro’ series, but I might as well post it now, it’s sexy and the woman‘s last line is adorable: “I don’t know Spanish, but who cares, I tried my best.” That’s the spirit!

♫♫♫ "Chica Virtual"