Interlude + Little Joy

This is like an interlude post as we are forming our lists for the best albums of the year, if you have a last-minute recommendation please contact us, we are never confident enough on how much music territory we cover, so obviously many great albums escape from us. Just arriving from a great show by Little Joy, as you know, their album was my #3 favorite album of 2008 (outside the latin circuit), and it was a pleasure meeting them. Also, for the first time I met a very nice community of Brazilians that attended the concert, my brother and I almost shouted "sing O VENTO" but decided to behave ourselves. Their song "Evaporar" is truly wonderful, hopefully it becomes a single. Keep an eye open for Red Cortez, the energetic opening band that really impressed me. I'll leave a video for "The Next Time Around", which will for sure be on our list for the year's best songs.