Plan B featuring Tego Calderón - “Zapatito Roto”

“No puedo confiar en una lista que tiene a Plan B, que patrañas son estas?” Those are the words of a reader reacting to our staff placing “Te Dijeron” among the best songs of last year. Whatever misconceptions about reggaeton an “alternative” audience might have, let’s get one thing straight: Plan B is awesome. The Puerto Rican duo is responsible for some of the most accomplished reggaeton singles in the last few years, with “Si no le contesto” being amongst the best ever. They’ve done it again. Their new single (off their forthcoming album Love and Sex) is the hard-hitting blockbuster Hollywood simply couldn’t deliver this summer. What’s even more exciting than Plan B releasing a new single? Knowing Tego Calderón is in it. “Zapatito Roto” starts with a fade-in sequence of dembow that serves as an immersion into a rhythm box full of possibilities. As Plan B and Tego begin to articulate about psychotic girlfriends (and their ways of detaching from such relationships) they rapture the dance floor with one catchy hook after another. It might sound like turmoil at first, but the song’s structure (driven by Plan B’s skyscraping chorus and Tego’s rhyme sequencing) proves this is a song closer to Gepe’s “En La Naturaleza” than to any other reggaeton hit on the radio today.