Ases Falsos - "Simetría"

Considering Juventud Americana is the best rock album made in Latin America in the past decade, their absence at this year’s (or last year’s) Vive Latino is a real shame. While we would’ve loved to see acts like BFlecha and Fuete Billete in the lineup, Ases Falsos just seems like a more reasonable act in the renowned rock-centric festival. Not to say we didn’t have any fun (see our coverage via Twitter). Perhaps the new album will turn more heads their way. Quemasucabeza’s Rodrigo Santi told us it’s a record sure to enchant a crowd like that of Vive Latino. And unlike the past record, Ases Falsos’ new album, Conducción, will be important from the get-go as it will be released in the “first division” of Quemasucabeza, joining recurring festival circuit acts like Caravana, Gepe and Pedropiedra.

Ases Falsos’ new single “Simetría” is a slow-burner of sorts. While first impressions outline a straightforward and composition, the lyrical crescendo of its chorus reveals narrative folds that are simply stirring to the heart. As Cristóbal Briceño enunciates “te amo de una forma, que destruye toda norma” one should’ve bared the idea that he wouldn’t just stop at making a lyrical statement, but that he would also follow such a romanticized line with actual musical input. As everything Briceño does, there's no room for assumption or need for understated reason. Download the single via Quemasucabeza.