Video: Arca - "Now You Know"

The Global Hipster's current favourite Venezuelan producer now living in London, Alejandro Ghersi, aka Arca, casually dropped the video for second single and opening track "Now You Know" from his just-released first LP, Xen, last week, amongst the clammer and bewilderment of the music press, touting him the "newest" sound in music since sliced musique concrète, pointing to his collaborations with Kanye and FKA twigs and the upcoming Björk album, and how, in just a short amount of time, he is the most sought-after producer in the world (perhaps) -even with just two EPs and the baffling mix-tape &&&&& under his belt - here Ghersi presents a visual spectacle, directed by Jesse Kanda, that takes the spectator into the middle of a fireworks display, as if they sent a drone up inside a New Year's celebration, the track at the mercy of the rockets and yet, at the same time, dictating each burst and fizzle - the staccato beats, the twisting static, the hydraulic arm of a fairground ride compressing and releasing - "Now You Know" is carnivalesque, a carousel with each horse on acid refusing to rise and fall in the way you expect: but that anticipatory space between sounds is where the listener creates a new melody each time - a tension between joyous abandon and fear of the fall, a dream in which you're not strapped in to the roller coaster car properly, giddy from the rush, exhausted from reading a paragraph-long sentence that attempts to recreate the breathless, hypnotic four minutes of this disorienting, though on repeated readings/listens, absurdly-logical track.