Planeta no - "Sol a Sol"

"Your enemies made you work from sun to sun to feed them. Now that the land is yours, work from sun to sun to vanquish them."

Planeta No gave us the early Dënver feels on 2014's cute but uneven Matucana. They sang sweetly about Japanese drawings, losing their virginity, soccer teams, essentially being called shameless señoritas and their squatted home.

Never has Chilean pop so clearly articulated a truly anti-authoritarian praxis: The stellar video for "Señorita" was all about empowering trans femininity (the transformation taking place in a beautiful, decaying mansion- presumably liberated from the logic of rent), burning things down like advertising and (violently) robbing yuppies- all while looking extra fly in retro jackets in Santiago- encapuchadxs status.

The band is making all the right moves on their latest offering, "Sol a Sol," sustaining their vision of cutting disco gems like Milton, while singing about depression and self destruction. The bright sounding title of the track is borrowed from a (featured above) super militant worker's liberation graphic posted on their Facebook account. The band also played the ongoing student occupation of the University of Chile with the likes of Gepe. Who said pop music and social liberation cannot coexist?

"Sol a Sol" is the first single from the "super punky" Odio- the band's forthcoming debut LP, scheduled for release on July 20th.