Video: Las Robertas - "Despair"

We never see the driver, maybe just because we are the driver. The car is our present, the road is our life and we're taking our calm lonely future as the silver old lady with us in the back seat. In just one sequence we may realize how life's essence is in its details and how important ability is to appreciate them. The song turns into an entire metaphor on how we can look back with some kind of inherent remorse. Desperation comes from our biggest secrets and fears and how we deal with those monsters on this journey called life. Mercedes' voice owns a proper softness with the first line when she sings "the things I do, for guys like you" to later delivery a warning: "the sky is arising, our lives are darkening."

All of this, of course,  diluted in some excessive reverb and slow drums (nice work by Franco here as always). Grunge is its soul and shoegaze its heart. This is what Las Robertas are. And with "Despair" they focus our attention on how great and powerful an album like Days Unmade was.  Its title not only suggests the days to come, but also amplifies how we can leave in our own lives all the many days missed and wasted. Like an old lady in the back seat enjoys the wind in her hair, we can find significance in the meaningful appreciation of little things. A damn nice video directed by Adriana Ramírez and photographed by Elena Gutiérrez.

Speaking of future, as y'all may already know, Monserrat is no longer with Las Robertas. She has been replaced with Sonya (a talented girl from CoLoRnOiSe) on the last tour as bass player. So we wanna thank Monse for all the rad bass lines and skills shared with the band in so many songs and during gigs. You will be missed. Stay cool girl.