Video: Piyama Party - "Paz Mundial"

Piyama Party’s glorious shoegaze waltz “Paz Mundial” opened Álbum De Oro with the kind of serenity and wisdom reserved for album closers. Luis Angel Martínez took us along as he scaled that familiar “wall of sound” where a new perspective was waiting to deliver bliss. It was a bold move, but months after sifting out less essential 2015 records, one can appreciate a whole lot better. 

Recently Sefárdico, pen name for Austin-based director Luis Eduardo Flores, took on the mission to deliver visuals for the underrated “Paz Mundial.” Jumping in we see a charismatic and terminally chill cult leader meditating and vegging out. His psychedelic landscape tinged in purple fauna pulls from Richard Mosse photos (h/t Remezcla), then flips to a reality where young people, plagued by failures and regret, announce their departure from the material world into a more meaningful existence inside a purple paradise. The treatment is notable because it presents a narrative that edges by, never encroaching the song’s gravitational pull and leaves us feeling as serene as the lyrics promise, “Qué bien se siente.”