Video: Jarina de Marco - "Main Dish"

“Brooklyn based singer via Dominican Republic and Brazil…and on a mission to conquest.” Up and coming Jarina De Marco sure sounds confident in where she’s heading. And it’s not surprising. According to Wyclef Jean’s April Showers mixtape, she opened up a concert for The Fugees in Haiti when she was just 12 years old. Now she’s the latest inductee to Jean’s All Handz on Deck imprint and has a pretty catchy track to kick off her trail. “At age of 5 got kicked out of DR, revolution from the start,” sings De Marco in the meta-rhythmic, meta-linguistic “Main Dish.” The track is undeniably charming (as is the visually swarming video), but also seems to be the result of too many ideas collected into one piece (that flute has half of our staff raising an eyebrow). But even as a surplus, De Marco still comes off as a revelation, one who can sustain the claim of having a “tropical flair.”