Video: Xenia Rubinos - "Whirlwind"

Following the re-release of her debut album Magic Trix via Ba Da Bing Records, which features  bonus track "Lost Things," vocal contortionist and quirky keyboardist Xenia Rubinos comes bearing a new single. Shot in an empty Long Island parking lot at 6 a.m., the video for "Whirlwind" captures Rubinos’ playful energy and propensity to favor vocal prowess to composition. With director Francesco Lettieri brilliant stop frame-like video, the sonic juxtaposition of drummer Marco Buccelli’s odd and complex dance beats and Xenia’s powerful, high-pitched, and unpredictable vocal flights, synth noises, and squeaking hinges, the content suddenly becomes as fascinating as the container. The performance art (all in loops and layers) has us both hypnotized from the repetitive oohs and ahs and bouncing to the infectious raucous groove.