MP3/Video: Eva & John - “César Gutiérrez” / “Ciempiés”

Seven out of the eight rock songs from our Midyear Report compilation belong to bands with a revivalist flair. Whether it’s a fashion of the zeitgest or a wave of distillation to detach from the aughts, the soundscape feels truly inspired. We can add Eva & John to the line of introspective revivalists placing urgency at the center of their melodic core. Plastilina Records has published their first reference, a flexi single so gorgeous, that profiles Eva & John as the most exciting Peruvian newcomers in a long time. Leading single “César Gutiérrez” surveys the underworld/paradise of a political figure from Lima who carries a bomb on his pocket and aims to be the alpha male of his city. I’m sure there’s one just like him on every city. Second track (and not necessarily a B-side) is the overwhelmingly sweet “Ciempiés” which truly melts your heart and whose video is sure to get a laugh or two from you. Eva & John carry sensibility on every dusty chord of their near-religious composition –the content is idiosyncratic but so heartfelt that it becomes universal.

♫♫♫ “César Gutiérrez” / Bandcamp