Video: Xenia Rubinos - "Hair Receding"

Set in "New England's Spanish Main Street," aka Park Street in Hartford, Connecticut, the music video for "Hair Receding" closely follows Carmen—Xenia Rubinos' charming grandmother—through her daily life. Directed by Francesco Lettieri (Whirl Wind, Pan y Café), the video brilliantly rises to the challenge of addressing aging and the ephemerality of life in a jocular way, both respectfully and without complacency. With nine GoPro cameras strapped to her body, Carmen draws us in to look out at the world through her eyes. The experimental footage emerges as a poignant testimony, making us smile and then reflect on how to address the passing of time and the loopholes that we all use to forget the monotony of life.

The track, Magic Trix's standout, abandons the existential angst and rather artfully plays with the idea of the time remaining. Rubinos’ warm and pure voice rises against the dramatic backdrop of distorted guitar-like synths and the steady percussion of producer/drummer Marco Buccelli, building a universe of emotion charged with introspection and poetry. Her strength and sense of urgency shines through with every note.