Video: Ama Ia - "Voces"

One of the best news from the last few weeks is the forthcoming debut LP from Ama Ia, who just won the 2014 Autoplacer’s demo competition. Member of Kokoschka for the last six years, Ama Ia started writing songs and, as she believed they didn’t fit in the band’s style, she decided to try her luck and start a parallel solo project. "Voces" is the hit in her demo. It is a song about a break up, or better said, a song about a dying love story written after its end -at that moment when the sequence of events that lead to the break up seems clear. Dreamy atmospheres over a pop basis, with synth melodies and rich textures, result in a devotional and nostalgic ensemble. The video reflects this environment of intimacy and sadness by translating the lyrics in blurry, almost vintage, images literally. Three other songs about feelings in the aftermath of a break up are included in this first demo (listen to it in Ama Ia’s bandcamp) that recalls the extinct girl duo Granit and, in some ways, the music of Aries but in a darker tone.