Buscabulla - "Caer"

With the blessings of Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), Buscabulla (Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo del Valle) have launched their highly anticipated Self-titled EP and a gorgeous video for leading track, "Caer." It's exciting to see that from our small Caribbean paradises, new artists are emerging and creating fresh sounds mixing our Caribbean roots with the rhythms of the zeitgeist. All with a charisma that winks to the 80s. In this song, Raquel's voice is like the coming together of Grimes and Angela Carrasco singing Boca Rosa,  and of course sexier than that.  In the frame, we almost get hypnotized with the lights that scroll across her silky face. The music is unfolded in such a way that it pulls us to the neon dance floor -is like a toy store saved in a music box.

We will get to publish a proper review of Buscabulla soon, but we can truly say it's a gem. It's like each song is a unique blend with the brush of Raquel's voice guiding the magic. At the moment, if I was to call a Hot Line, I wish for Raquel to be on the other side of the phone. The styling of the video is haunting. From oversized shirts and clean faces, to the distant appearance of Luis Alfredo eating a banana and playing the maracas, there's true aesthetic depth on every frame. This is psicomagic, modern witchcraft. Twice we hear the song sigh "to' lo malo se va," and you can only wonder how Buscabulla is playing with trends and yet able to sound more alternative than what's on the market today. They are keeping it real.