Video: Juana Molina - "Lo Decidí Yo"

Fresh from seeing Juana Molina play live to a small but substantial audience at the Newtown Social Club in Sydney, Australia, we're happy to see a brand new video from her latest LP, Wed 21, for track "Lo Decidí Yo." Perhaps not a surprising choice as a single for its seemingly straightforward melody (for Molina) and repetitive refrain, the video ekes out the multidimensional characteristics of the track that casual listeners might miss.

In this captivating and yet simple video, directed by the artist herself and Mario Caporali, Molina stars as a paper doll moving deliberately through and above Argentinian landscape: Andes, woods, farm yards, by the sea (watch out for that bus!); her movements as jagged and floppy as a child's plaything, delightfully ironic given the self-determined lyric. For a full minute, the Molina doll - or Dolina, if you will - is caught in what looks like a vapor trail (though probably just time lapsed cirrus), viewed from an aircraft, while her layered 'scatting' delivers the visceral punch that is performed so dramatically and satisfactorily live. This sequence is so epically beautiful, the entire video could loop this imagery and be just as beguiling. Watch it fullscreen. And quick - someone make a gif!