Video: Josué Josué - "Primus"

I initially discovered Josué Josué through his quiet and eerily spun verses on Matilda Manzana's 2011 deep cut, "Hola holograma." His flow was sharp and focused, yet charmingly timid and self-aware. Several singles and EPs later, we then came to view him as one of Mexico’s most forward-thinking and authentic rap projects, especially on collaborations that joined him with national producers like Mock The Zuma (who is barely getting his due praise thanks to the stellar Gauss EP) and Siete Catorce. Josué Josué’s penchant for daring soundscapes demonstrate how ahead of its time the Linus EP really was. His own voice lends itself to the electronic vanguard because his diction can match any kind of weird, brazenly pushing the word count up and floating next to the esoteric.

Josué Josué’s latest video, which we are ecstatic to premiere, is taken from what was supposed to be his send-off album, thus the apt title, Aprendiendo a morir. "Primus" sounds like the future. The energy espoused by the MC does not do much to push finality or other Ready to Die themes. Josué Josué still has much to say. The chiptune lounge foreground on the beat (courtesy of Technic Trouble) feels invasive. Director Eduardo Makoszay Mayén channels those claustrophobic vibes with a clip that corners the young performer. Those quick cuts, however, are not the only dizzying quality to extract from “Primus.” Josué Josué lays down his daily routine, which includes existentialist readings and seeking refuge through music to calm his spiraling spirit. Tell me who in here can relate?