Video: Kali Mutsa - "Interstellar"

Kali Mutsa’s first LP Souvenance was like being stabbed with an epipen for your allergies to twee folk strumming. Nearly every song felt like the heroin shooting scenes in Requiem for a Dream. Now Chile’s persona-bending songstress returns with new single “Interstellar”: more valium than amphetamine. The song combines bursts of Kali Mutsa’s raison d’être Andean cumbia, while channeling a refrain from Björk’s “Hidden Place”, and something akin to Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain soundscape. Directed by Enciclopedia Color (a go-to Chilean design studio), the video mixes the existential imagery of Bergman’s The Seventh Seal with the sexual dread of Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin. There’s sensuality and dark moon mysticism here, which, if the single’s artwork is anything to go by, could be Kali Mutsa’s next goddess phase.