Alegranza!, El Guincho

ALEGRANAZA! El Guincho, Spain
Discoteca Océano

by Carlos Reyes

Extraordinary album from El Guincho, a tribal sound with a complexity so absolute that makes us think Animal Collective owes us. In a way, El Guincho could be the anti Guille Milkiway (genius La Casa Azul), he serves himself with drums instead of piano tones, marks every beat with steady repetitions, and yet they share a rare quality, we have two masters at creating intimate personal music, something not very common in the prolific party sounds. Get ready to listen to some percussion-heavy wonders, groove and captivating harmonies.

Alegranza! An album that more than one person has qualified as “noisy”, but in that noise lays its multifaceted sound that combines tropical sounds, African drums and a truly deep cohesive sound from his native Canary Islands. El Guincho defines a sound, world alternative, one that takes all of its resources to explore enthusiastic rhythms, is that music that celebrates its own existence. Alegranza! knows how to present itself, look at the album cover and you will find a bird with multiple eyes, is not deformed, is just that natural selection has allowed the animal to look in many directions.

First single Palomitos Park makes me think on a hyper Manu Chao, exercising Afro-beat percussions, interacting with a fictional cheerful audience. An album that truly lifts the spirit, its joyful harmonies almost make it sound like children’s world album. Antillas is another amazing track in which its only chorus becomes the theme of the album, “tu eres mi luz y yo te cantare.” El Guincho’s music reaffirms today’s astonishing indie movement, and is part of Spain’s movement, with all the tendencies of a true eclectic musical industry that collapsed and started to rise four years ago.

Even more surprising is to know that Alegranza! is Guincho’s solo debut, what a promising artist. If you are going surfing, I suggest you listen to Kalise; you might even dance while surfing. El Guincho is our artist of the week.

Numeric Rating: 94/100

Key tracks: Palomitos Park, Kalise, Costa Paraiso.