Suenan Los Sonideros, Sonidero Nacional


If you listen to radio, go to clubs and reside in the southwest of the country (U.S.), you’ll probably heard a badass song with a badass beat that no one seems to know who sings it or how it got to be the pre-summer hit of the year. Sonidero Nacional is a collaborative group from Monterrey that acquired recognition for contributing to Celso Piña’s marvellous Cumbia Sobre El Rio. Sadly, the project was never ambitious enough to strive for fresh tropical Mexican sounds and faded away from our memories. After the split of Control Machete, probably Mexico’s best hip hop act ever, member Toy Hernandez broke through with an incredibly mastery becoming one of Mexico’s most demanded producers (from hip-hop diva La Mala Rodriguez, to Colombia’s alternative Cabas to pop star Paulina Rubio).

The group seems to be a fun collage of sounds, from Mexican soundscapes to the new wave of happy electro coming out from Monterrey. Why do I feel they are wasting their talent? Perhaps because most of the time I can’t stand remixes, especially when they are so obtrusive to the original sample. Overlapping beats conflict my hearing, caused by that constant struggle/aspiration of the DJ to become the protagonist. I’m not sure if we can consider this a mixtape; I truly wonder if Sonidero Nacional has been keeping original material and will eventually to propose a new sound, or if these remix are just what they have to offer. Just like Luny Tunes’ Kings of the Beats, this album suggests talented producers but not an actual sound worthy of my money or time.

The album contains remixes, skits and even live tracks of very recent hits by Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Jay Z, Juanes, The Black Eyed Peas and other must-hear songs at quinceañeras o bautizos. It may not come as a surprise that the best tracks are those we are not as familiar with such as Lorna’s La Popola, Fase’s Acapulco 78 or Notch’s Contigo. Back to the first single, the album’s best track is by far Grande de Caderas. Some club goers are relating it to Kumbia Kings or Kinky, but it sounds more like a Cabas meets Calle 13. The song was originally made popular by Bronco (the now totally-uninspired comeback El Gigante de America). It is the only song in the album fully credited to Sonidero Nacional, that is, because they are not only remixing it but also contains all original arrangements and vocals.

If you were a fan of those Tropi-Rollo series of albums that used to sell like crazy, you’ll probably enjoy the album a lot. If you don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about my suggestion is to find Grande de Caderas, download it and wait to see if Sonidero Nacional delivers a worthy album in the future.

Numeric Rating: 48/100

Key Track: Grande de Caderas


  1. sonidero nacionalApril 8, 2008 at 2:59 AM

    Sup homies,

    this is just a mixtape we made this for the street we mixed all the productions and remixes that we've done for the past 3 years...

    We are currently finishing the all original material album, and we are also on the road alot...
    hip hop, cumbia, reggae, electro, everything we are doing that new skool sonidero style....

    We are droppin a single which ya can listen in our space, the single is called "Rayo de Sol" get on it...

    email us

  2. Gracias por la visita! de verdad nos da mucho gusto que se tomen el tiempo de visitarnos y comentar. It is nice to know that this is just a copillation, as I said Grande de Caderas is an awesome song, and when I heard the entire album it just left me cold and hungry.

    New original material is coming, can't wait for that.

  3. Yo! Estoy pensando en formar una agrupacion con esta misma idea de fusion con cumbia. Yo canto y toco teclados... he estado ocupado por mucho tiempo con projectos de musica cubana contemporania y urbana, pero siempre e regresado a lo que es la cumbia y que yo soy de sudamerica (Peru). Yo vivo en Washington State, USA y aqui ahi mucha gente de Mexico que le gusta la cumbia, especialmente la veradera forma como de celso pina y sonideros que se escuchan hasta aca. Si tienen ideas, por favor de mandarmelas cuando puedan. Por ahora estoy buscando los integrantes (tengo un baterista y tecladista que acompana y toca bajo al mismo tiempo), estoy pensando en incorporar un DJ para ritmos/percusiones y mixes/samples en medio de los ritmos... tengo canciones propias y buena imaginacion.

    Saludos y gracias por la informacion, pueden ver mi blog que es mas de Musica Cubana, pero pronto ojala abrire uno que es solo de la banda que pienso empezar.

    Eddie Rodriguez