Silverio, Silverio Review

SILVERIO Silverio, México

Showman at heart, bow down for Mexico’s most exciting and electrifying DJ. Lead man from Nuevos Ricos, the stylish indie label that is provoking international attention not only for its high profile music, but also for its energetic visual artistry that seems to frame a real movement in the Aztec nation. An album that celebrates the excess of every aspect in our surroundings, even if there is barely any actual lyrics we can perceive a virtuoso making exaggeration its most secretive and luxurious companion.

The album’s first single Yepa Yepa Yepa has officially become the artist’s anthem. A somewhat hi-fi that is able to carry us to Europe with its electric accelerations and get us back to the Americas with a hilarious excerpt of a Mexican movie. El Dedo Suizo promotes electro kitsch to portray the beat’s sexual themes. The DJ seems to have a social commentary hidden beneath the loudness, but it is almost impossible to convey it without poetic lyrics supporting him.

However, his proposal and merit find its most comfortable stage when attending a Silverio show. In contrast with Bajofondo or Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido, this artist acknowledges that his album is only a portion of what he’s got to offer. When Silverio gets in stage, the world doesn’t stop; it seems to carry itself into a wild catharsis of sound and its most jubilant response: movement. This is what I call progressive music, an experimental art form that was meant to be created by showmen, Silverio is one of them.

A bit repetitive? Yes, but I’ll assure exciting rides in your car listening to a song like XXX. Beware that it might make you want to fly, and unless you are gifted/weird/supernatural, I am deeply sorry to inform you that we (all humans, not just latinos) do not have wings, neither cars have them. MUSICA PARA MOVER EL ESQUELETO.

Numeric Rating: 74/100

Key Tracks: Yepa Yepa Yepa, XXX, El Dedo Suizo