Video: Capullo - "Testigos del fin del mundo"

If there’s a word that properly applies to the Hidrocálidos synth pop idols’ Testigos del fin del mundo, it would be “grower.” Ever since we reviewed the record, it truly has become a favorite, and some of those songs I previously dismissed as fillers have started to make more sense. Now the group has unveiled the video for the title track, their own psychotic take on Elmer Bernstein’s The Magnificent Seven theme. The clip, with its WordArt-like opening credits, features everything you would’ve expected from Capullo (fauna, food, vortexes that bring to mind Nobuhiko Ohbayashi’s House) and splashes it into a freaky, colorful collage. And we get a glimpse of every band member, including my favorite: Cris, happily painting her eyebrow with her red lipstick. Adorably absurd.