Video + MP3: Natalia Lafourcade & Various Artists - "Un Derecho de Nacimiento"

It’s been crazy in Mexico ever since the electoral campaigns began. Sick of manipulated information and biased content generated by Latin America’s largest television network, Televisa, which has manifested an evident tendency towards presidential candidate, PRI’s Enrique Peña Nieto, the movement #YoSoy132, led mostly by young people and students, has grown into a consolidated cause over the whole Mexican republic, demanding impartiality in information and condemning the imposition of a presidential figure by corporate media.

Aware of this alarming climate, many Mexican musicians (#MúsicosConYoSoy132) have joined the movement. Brilliant composer Natalia Lafourcade has been a strong supporter. On May 9th, through her Twitter account, the songstress announced her followers she would write a song “asking for positive things in the country” and invited them to contribute ideas. One month later, “Un Derecho de Nacimiento” was born. Originally premiered at a #YoSoy132 concert on June 16th at Distrito Federal’s main square, this first take had Lafourcade hypnotically looping her vocal melodies into a raw, conscience-awakening, awe-inspiring chant. The final version, featuring some of our favorite artists (Carla Morrison, Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Marian Ruzzi, Vicente Gayo, among others) is more conventional without losing any ounce of impact that the first live recording transmitted. In fact, hearing all these figures collaborate together in such a uniting manifesto, results in something hopeful and deeply touching, despite what certain outspoken bands may think about the authenticity of their endorsment.

Today is the elections day, and “Un Derecho de Nacimiento” came in the perfect time, resounding as an awakening anthem for this transcendental date. Myself, being a Mexican, living in this beautiful country and having the chance to vote today, feel profoundly moved by this hymn and, with all my heart, expect the change our beloved country deserves, finally arrives. Today’s citizen's participation is decisive for Mexico’s course. And, as the song’s chorus affirms, “Yo no nací sin causa/Yo no nací sin fe.” Let’s make our voice count. It’s truly a birth right.