MP3: Bill Yonson - "Fuera el Mar"

Chihuahua’s newcomer Josué Coronado Navarrete seems to be indecisive about his persona. At least he hints in his constant changes of artistic names. From Billyonson to JacksonBillJhonson and currently simply Bill Yonson(?). Despite these confusing modifications, Navarrete’s efforts have concurred in an engaging bedroom pop full-length, LP 2012, recently re-released via NWLA. If you, like us, are in love with arresting DIY like Installed and Pájaro Sin Alas, chances are you will be conquered by Yonson’s homemade, lo-fi production spells. Preserving the purest essence of the long forgotten chillwave era, Bill Yonson evokes some of Memory Tapes' and Washed Out’s bleakest tunes. First promotional cut, “Fuera el Mar” (accompanied by a subaquatic experience clip), is an inviting entry point for this record’s tropical wizardry. Download the track here