Pipe Llorens - "Ya no se usa el amor"

We hadn't heard much from "Coahuila's bad boy" since he got hitched and had a kid, so we started thinking that maybe the age old "Can women have it all?" question also applies to one-hit rap wonders. Turns out Coahuila's coolest dad is still pretty bad and has been cooking up an album in between bottles and diaper changes.

"Ya no se usa el amor," first track from Llorens' upcoming album, sees him back in prime "Dame un besito" form with the quietly cutting verses and nonchalant delivery that make him such a compelling artist. The track introduces us to also Torreon-based Rabia Rivera, who brings more of a bite to the track with her assertive cadence and precision, but still softens in the end with the "eres un cabron" hook, which ends up more playful than spiteful. The cheesy horn might have totally killed the song if we we didn't know that you never ever take Pipe Llorens too seriously.

Produced by Mauricio Garza—who has worked with everyone from Timbiriche to Cartel de Santa, was recommended to Llorens by Zoe's Sergio Acosta, and by a strange twist of fate ended up Llorens' cousin-in-law—the new album will be out in the next few weeks if Llorens was right when he said, "Dios bendiga los horoscopos que estan a mi lado." Shout out Susan Miller and Walter Mercado.