Video: Capullo - "Adiós Sonámbulos"

Can we all agree that promo cycles are always ridiculously drawn out? In my opinion, pop albums should have about the same lifespan as all of Rihanna’s: one year. Unless you’re a band by the name of Capullo, in which case, keep the videos coming. Testigos del fin del mundo has proven itself to be a favorite that could stick around another two, three Rihanna releases and you would never hear any of us complain. On the just-released clip, “Adiós Sonámbulos,” digital artist Lepapel takes the most hyper/borderline Yasutaka Nakata cut from Testigos and pairs it with even more dizzying digital confection, highlighting tarot card-inspired panic and drama with emoticons and colorful screensavers. Scratch the above opening sentencecan we all agree Capullo should produce the first great internet soap opera?