Video: Siberium - "Feit" feat. Inkjet

In a period when chillwave acts may no longer draw grand relevance, Tijuana’s young newcomer Rodrigo Luviano, working under the Siberium pseudonym, offers a fresh spin. The artist crept onto the scene with “Mare Crisium,” reminiscent of Girl Unit's codeine-synth build ups, and with the kind of mood-shifting intricacy found in Zutzut’s “Agua Negra” that determined his taste towards deep ambient plus darkwave penumbras. Siberium recently struck back quietly with “Feit,” the second cut off his debut EP W A X. Throwing in an ethereal, Thom Yorke-inspired vocal performance by buddy Inkjet is a questionable aesthetic choice, yet the track unwraps dreamily, revealing the most beautiful spaces in unsung sections. And the trance-inducing clip, directed by Luviano, adequately pairs with its glints.