BFlecha - “A Marte”

BFlecha’s full-length debut album βeta is our most anticipated album for the remainder of the year and it will see the commercial light in less than two weeks. The album is already at the Club Fonograma headquarters, and all we can say at the moment is that it’s not a record delivered on a silver platter (a very good thing). “B33” (one of the hits of the year) has earned Belén Vidal an intercontinental following anxious to dissect her new songs. Arkestra Records has unveiled “A Marte” as the album’s new single, and it’s a tour de fource. The horn-heavy, triumphant intro sets up a kaleidoscopic, love-in-space song that strangely resonates with the most pedestrian feelings. The beats are swooning and estranged from symphonics. “No tienes que preocuparte, voy a Marte a buscarte.” It’s beautiful how BFlecha builds a relation and trust with the listener by holding and releasing her synth ammunition in circular, compassionate streams. We know cinema is the art of light, but BFlecha’s technical and humanist approach to (and through) the beat shows light can truly transcend any form lines.