MP3: Las Ligas Menores - “Renault Fuego”

It’s hard not to fervently root for the welfare of a band like Las Ligas Menores. From the band’s loopy name to their devotion to crafting lowbrow melodies, it would almost seem like they’re selling themselves short. Truth is, this up-and-coming band is conscious of the industry’s hierarchy and realize charm can take them a long way. Last year’s EP, El Disco Suplente, profiled the band as one of Argentina’s most promising newcomers. “Accidente” was a relative indie hit in Mexico’s alternative outlets, and they’re ready to give the project continuum. “Renault Fuego,” a step forward in their sound, is the first single off their self-titled debut album (to be released under Discos Laptra). In it vocalist Anabella Cartolano sings, “es que necesito decirte que en verdad me gustas." The new single sees the band pouring adolescent emotion in a simple verse-chorus-verse number that acknowledges the brevity of momentum. This time they leave behind the cache of bedroom hipness and expand into the road (an articulation that might just advanced them to transit in that league of Los Punsetes and Carmen Sandiego).