Video: Univers - "Cavall Daurat"

Mixing members of Piñata and Mujeres (already CF favorites), Univers is a fresh noise pop outfit that's been long overdue for a blog introduction. This year saw the release of the stellar La Pedregada EP, and with a full-length in the works, their newest single, "Cavall Daurat," is a gold star sticker on top of a promising discography. The video (directed by Martín Gutiérrez, ex-drummer for Mujeres) appears to reference the band's own cut and paste lineup, collaging camcorder psychedelics with a dead-eyed, stoic performance. Perfect contrast to the scuzzy energy that fuels the song (think Crystal Stilts, or if Los Blenders had cousins from Barcelona) and incites that cross-cultural need need to fuck shit up while still teasing a sensitive side. Anyone else crushing?