Búho - "Night Clinics"

As a lifelong San Antonian, I’ve come to expect that few of the city’s great artists will proudly proclaim themselves fellow natives. But the past few years have seen quite the explosion of music talent with strong civic pride, from the experimental DJ works of Ernest Gonzales and (city councilor) Diego Bernal to the slinky rap of Milli Mars to the hard rocking Girl in a Coma and Piñata Protest. And now we can add the three-piece experimental rockers Búho to the tally.

The group has worked long and hard to get recognized amongst larger outlets, and it seems that they’re poised to break out with their latest record. “Night Clinics” is available only as a 7” at the moment, but what it provides is a great insight into the band’s M.O.: fast-paced, chord-driven, melodic rock. Think of a less-screamy Cloud Nothings or At the Drive-In. Indeed, to compare them to fellow Tex-Mex rockers At the Drive-In would be right and wrong. They share the El Pasoans detail and scope, but cure everything with far more melody and nuance than you’d expect from any post-hardcore outfit. And, if there’s anything to learn from the Spurs, don’t keep anything from San Antonio off your radar.