Franny Glass - "Pasan Aviones"

One of the latest gifts from last year's holiday season was brought to us by Gonzalo Deniz and his musical output, Franny Glass. "Pasan Aviones" is the first cut off his next album, the successfully crowdfunded Planes, the follow up to his beautiful third album El podador primaveral (Contrapedal, 2011). Deniz's approach with this album was to record it with a clasic rock band formation, unlike his previous one, which was recorded almost entirely by himself and producer Xoel López. So he brought his usual live support band: Martín André, from Mersey; Matías González, from Vincent Vega; the talented singer-songwriter Diego Rebella; and Guillermo Berta, who made his return as the producer.

And the full band approach can be felt on "Pasan Aviones," a song with a simple structure, that barely surpasses the 2:30 minute mark, but it is so varied in itself that it feels like it lasts a longer. Each verse has a different vibe: the first verse is folky and delicate; the second one is rockier, with a slight Latin feel; and the third one sounds like the 60s pop of the Beach Boys kind. On top of the interesting chord progression there are the very visual and contemplative lyrics, and on the chorus he sings a phrase rather perfect to start the new year: "El año ya terminó, el futuro llegó."