Romeo Santos ft. Drake - "Odio"

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and listen to this. It’s Drake rapping en español. With the hairless former Aventura frontman. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.

Now that you’re done conceptualizing this pairing, you can listen to the song, which is…a Romeo Santos song. Meaning it has a skittish bachata beat, faux-romantic lyrics, and a complete lack of bass in the vocals.* But Drake’s here! And he’s rapping in two languages! The short Spanish verse isn’t as bad as expected—he certainly adds the casual seduction lacking on most pop bachata hits. The English verse is basically a rehash of his flow on “The Language,” but all-in-all, good on Drake. As for Romeo Santos, please stop invading my radio, dude.

*As our own Pierre Lestruhaut perceptively asked, “Is Drake the first male ever to perform a bachata song while NOT sounding like a eunuch?”