Onda Temporal, Episodio Diez: Matilda Manzana

Óscar Rodríguez on a beach in the fog. Matilda Manzana's mastermind spins around and sings the bookending track of 2012's Conjuntos Cartográficos - the tempo of the melody a little more frantic than the dense, soft focus of the atmosphere around him. The beach in its out-of-season temperament makes a good metaphor for Matilda Manzana's brand of existential misfitting. We see other people in the background (and a pony at one point), the lifeguard's tower and a 4WD, highlighting the fact that Rodriguez is not really isolated in a murky void. His pining is one, as Club writer Pierre Lestruhaut pointed out in his Todas Las Ciudades Inundadas review, of a "guy-who-spends-his-time-in-a-small-bedroom-in-front-of-his-laptop." The jetty/pier may disappear into the white, but Rodriguez is not ready for that escape; he's still searching on the ground, at the feet of the main event.