Video: Javiera Mena - "La Joya"

My dissection of “La Joya” (at first glimpse) was one of mixed emotions. In fact, I doubted the single’s self-sustainability and joined the club of skeptics for what was to come. Three months have past and I must say that there’s not another song I’ve listen to the most all year long. The song went from middling to becoming one of her best singles to date (better than “Espada” for sure). At around the 50th play, “La Joya” dusts away its tongue-in-cheek polish to reveal itself as daring and brilliant piece of pop composition. The clip for the song, directed by slurpTV & Vladimir Crvenkovic celebrate the song’s ever-shifting melodic directions, rejecting to become a template (and pushing for platforms instead). The frame is overstuffed and at times too busy to look out, but it sure services as one of Javiera’s most colorful moments –a bold step towards pop stardom.