Onda Temporal, Episodio Once: Santos

When director Carlos Matsuo sent me all the links of the episodes that made up Onda Temporal I skimmed through about half of them. Then I decided I would wait and unfold each episode one at a time –unfolding the narrative on a more nuanced and less exclusive pace. It’s intriguing to see the second to the last episode of the series take place at a cemetery. While Matsuo’s scope had taken us to holy grounds on its second episode (Alberto Acinas), this new one pans through a cemetery where the grass is sublimely green and rows of gravestones appear to be mysteriously new –perhaps belonging to the outburst of deaths the drug war has caused in Mexico. Looking like a not so friendly monk with dark shades, Tijuana’s Santos sings “Sin Salida” with a certain militant (not freed of irony) tone that registers as both, truthful and sinister.