Lola Pistola - "Tu Pensabas"

After catching two raging AJ Dávila y Terror Amor shows as part of the Burger Records’ Caravan of the Stars tour last October, all I could think of for weeks was how fascinating it was to watch Lola Pistola sing while agilely playing tambourine (and especially after she swiftly beat back some drunk college kids lurking under her Qipao dress). There was just something unnerving and compelling about that Boricua Brooklynite with the 1960s’ bank robber moniker’s aura. 

“Tú Pensabas,” a lo-fi chaos of what I feel is what you get that emerged while recording Terror Amor, makes the journey through heartache weirdly enjoyable. Lola Pistola sounds ferociously confident, and AJ Dávila’s raw production (his signature echoing textures) gives the track a ruthless edge. Breakups are the worst. Yet, pain and desperation (and a rambling jam) has once again given rise to an honest and freakishly catchy number.