Video: Los Blenders - "Amigos"

After seeing them mix porn and surf, acid freak outs and boat rides, Los Blenders re-team with director Joey Muñoz for a more low-key and lo-fi clip in "Amigos." There's not much in the way of a treatment, daytime TV plus a trip to the beach make for some quality guy time, but it's a fitting look for a track that celebrates friendship (and/or cocaine). "Amigos" not only delivers Los Blenders' trademark scuzzy garage pop, but there's the added bonus from lyrics that give meaning to the phrase A poca barba, poca vergüenza pocos fucks given ("¿Cuántas llevo? No sé pero, bueno, dame otra"). That should be more than enough to hold us over until next month, when their long-awaited debut Chavos Bien is released via Barcelona label Tigre Discs.