VIDEO: Pedro LaDroga - "≅ ☀ L U Z ☀ ≅"

Devoid of temporal linearity, “≅ ☀ L U Z ☀ ≅” explores the paths of weird melancholy under woozy new wave and wistfully occult nu-metal airs. From his fiefdom in Sevilla, the MC/producer for whom music seems to be the extension of his wayward personality outlines an imaginary territory where time is cyclical. Pedro LaDroga embodies a warrior of light caught at the center of the most evil of pentagrams; awakening consciousness to the perpetual motion between obscurity and clarity. The particularly transfixing video, all in gif. art (courtesy of visual artist John Karel), displays looped pop culture landmarks in such a way so to provoke momentary melancholy. In his nasal and discordant voice, the founder of netlabel/ niche collective Ladroga Lab repeats “En el momento”, passing on the secret: eternity is not a reality to come; eternity is lived in the density and intensity of the moment.